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Let's get started by cloning a repository that has built in errors.

git clone

Open that repository with VS Code and then install the packages.

npm install

Running Kropply

Open mergesort.test.ts. All you need to do now is to save it.


Wait a bit for suggestions to generate. In the background, Kropply is running Jest to capture the errors.
On the left hand side panel you should see the number of suggestions on top of the Kropply logo.

number of suggestions

Viewing suggestions

Click on the logo to see the suggestions.


Keep in mind that the suggestions that you have might be different that ones from the below image.

the suggestions


Click the inside a suggestion to display the diff within the editor.

Applying a fix

Finally click Apply.

You just succesfully fixed your first error with Kropply!

💻 Now all you need to do is write your own tests, and Kropply will automatically generate suggestions in the background.